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would provde you with the means to establish that growth.

Convenient Next-Day Funding for Your Business

       In the rapid and incredibly competitive global business climate, you can’t afford to wait days or even weeks to collect on your credit receivables on purchases your customers have already made. When your customers pay with a credit card, you deserve the peace of mind and assurance of knowing those funds are going to be there immediately, or at least very shortly afterward. The two most common complaints from retailers about the merchant services industry are high service fees and long waits to actually collect. MSW Card has eliminated both of these obstacles by offering convenient and affordable next-day refund. Call us today at (877) 672-9494. We are ready to help your business grow.

Advantages of Next-Day Funding

It doesn’t do you or your business any good to have to sit around and wait for receivables to come in. Depending upon the size of your company, you may be operating on a day-by-day, razor-thin margin and need all the capital you can to maintain operations. Our next-day funding services let your business:

  • Cover Unexpected Costs

  • Maintain Payroll Obligations

  • Make Secure and Safe Investments in Expansion

  • Pay Operating Expenditures

  • And More

You shouldn’t have to wait for your money to come in after your customers make a purchase. We’re ready to offer next-day funding to give our patients maximum peace of mind and assurance.

Convenient and Streamlined Approval

MSW Card understands the time-sensitive nature of credit card processing and we are here to offer an expedited and easy approval process. We approve a large majority of applicants and offer some of the lowest and most competitive processing rates in the industry. Without next-day funding, many companies experience delays in receivables processing up to four days.

Compared to standard ACH processing, which takes an average of two days to process, next-day funding can be a game-changing resource to help your business grow. It’s your money, and we’re determined to help you get it. Call MSW Card today at (877) 672-9494 to learn more about our convenient and budget-friendly next-day funding services. Our experienced and qualified professionals very much look forward to helping you grow and serve as many customers as possible.

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