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The Most Affordable and Reliable Credit Card Processing Solutions

Our Low Merchant Account Rates Can Save You Thousands

        One of the elements that separates MSW Card from other credit card processing resources is our fair and affordable pricing. We recognize that our clients have better things to spend their money than needlessly high merchant service operating costs, and we are here to help you maximize your pay options, expand your profits and keep more of your money. There’s no reason why companies of every budget shouldn’t have access to affordable and reliable credit card processing services. In an effort to provide full transparency and clarity, MSW Card has included a detailed breakdown of our and services below. Should you require anymore information, please feel free to call our experienced and qualified sales and service professionals at 877) 672-9494.

PRICING 1.19% 2.99% and Higher!
Users Included Fee Based
Online Account Management
Realtime Information
Electronic Statements
Manage Transactions
Interactive Support
Included Fee Based
Recurring invoices Included Fee Based
Secure customer management Included Fee Based
Data import/export NO
Customizable email notifications NO
Integrated payment processing
Credit card rate
eCheck/ACH rate
1.19% + 29c   
1.69% + 15c   
55c  echeck
Virtual terminal NO
Hosted, customized online payment forms NO
Recurring billing NO
Direct payment deposits NO
Fraud protection NO
Support Phone
email / Web

Our Rates and Fees

Accept payments online–even without a website!

Reduce the hassle of paper checks: Debit funds directly or deposit checks from your computer.

Process credit cards at industry-low rates through mail / phone order!

Funds are debited directly from your customer’s bank account, and deposited into yours

Process credit cards at industry-low rates through a Retail Storefront!

Process credit cards at industry-low rates through a wireless terminal!


“We were referred to MSWCard by one of our suppliers who told me about their 12 hour funding. I was amazed to find out that not only were our rates outdated, but we have been waiting for our deposits for an unnecessary 3 extra days. Jerry who has been our rep since day one is very knowledgeable of this business and provided us with a customized rate analysis.”…

-- Danny Davis --

Sign up with MSWCard and receive:

  • Setup Assistance
    Receive expert assistance every step of the way, from solution recommendations to suit your needs to liaising with your web developer to get you online faster.
  • Banking Assistance
    We will request a custom quote on your behalf for an Internet Merchant Facility from your preferred bank. We take the hassle out of contacting the banks by bringing the bank to you.
  • Comprehensive Reporting
    Benefit from eWAY’s market leading reporting in the Business Centre.
  • Tailored Solutions
    We offer a wide range of payment solutions to suit your business needs.
  • Save on Integration
    We provide comprehensive integration information, and a wide range of integrated shopping carts providing you with the ultimate choice for your online store.
  • Next Day Funding
    All MSW Card merchants processing through a credit card terminal will receive their funds deposited – for ALL 4 major card types – Visa, MasterCard, Discover and even American Express – the very next morning. No longer do you need to wait 3 to 5 business days to receive all of your funds.
  • Reasonable Underwriting Practices
    MSW Card is able to see past the strict underwriting guidelines and credit restrictions that you would encounter with our competitors and instead offers clients hassle-free and fair, individually based approvals. We reward high volume and high average ticket merchants with lower rates. MSW Card provides worldwide account access, relationship pricing, and the convenience of managing all your merchant accounts in one place.
  • The Most Competitive Rates
    The initial set-up and conversion process is simple and streamlined. MSW Card does not charge an application or set-up fee. All of our fees and rates are fully disclosed including in our contracts. Always know that you’re getting the best rate by taking the The MSW Card Low Price Guarantee challenge. Merchants are not charged a customer support fee as we do not believe it should be something a business owner pays for. We truly value all of our clients and supply all of our merchants with FREE online access to our online reporting tool.
  • Reliable Support
    Receive FREE 24/7 technical support.


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