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Hantle C4000 ATM Machine



  • SCDU 1,000-Note Removable Cassette Dispenser (HCDU 2,000-Note, Two 2,000-Note, and Four 2,000-Note Cassette upgrade options)
  • Win CE Operating System
  • TCP/IP Ready
  • 10.4″ SVGA Color Screen
  • Lead-Thru Indicators
  • Electronic Lock (S&G and Cencon Lock upgrade options)
  • EMV Card Reader
  • Motorized Bill Presenter upgrade option
  • High Bright Topper and Digital Topper upgrade options
  • UL291 Business Hours Vault (Level 1 Safe upgrade option)
  • Gencam Camera upgrade option
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Voice Guided Transactions
  • One Roll of Paper


The all new Mini-Bank C4000 ATM Machine represents the best-in-class convergence of ATM and self-service functionality including an EMV card reader, resulting in innovative new services and generating revenue streams for ATM Machine owners.


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